To gather experience over countless lifetimes.

We Realize who and what we really are, and come to behave like That.

Ignorance of That and associated bad habits result in mistakes and consequential suffering.

The accumulation of experience eventually brings us to realize that we are not separate from others, which forms habitual devotion to the ultimate welfare of all.
Mer-Amun MerAmun (October 21, 2007)



This is a pictorial.  Click here to view. 

(Don’t forget to read the captions under the photographs, as they are not obvious, and they tell the story.)

2 Responses to “The Lady in Red”

  • lindamarie says:

    I too have walked and rested in the grace of Pele, about 3 years ago. Also walked to where you can see the Earth giving birth…a place where the lava flows into the ocean…the union of earth, air, water and fire. Maybe some day I can share my photos with you.

  • Renata says:

    Thanks so much for posting and sharing this experience. How wonderful! I also noted that the inside bruise on your arm had a heart shape. This was very cool, I hope to visit this place one day.

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