To gather experience over countless lifetimes.

We Realize who and what we really are, and come to behave like That.

Ignorance of That and associated bad habits result in mistakes and consequential suffering.

The accumulation of experience eventually brings us to realize that we are not separate from others, which forms habitual devotion to the ultimate welfare of all.

Conquering ego isn’t about death or getting rid of the ego. It’s about recognizing the emptiness of the ego. Just like recognizing the emptiness of anything else, recognizing something’s emptiness does not make it go away. So recognizing the emptiness of the ego doesn’t make it go away. You’re not killing it, you’re not making it “gone”. It’s still a part of the play of reality.

So the term “ego death” is a bit misleading. It’s death in the sense of viewing it’s emptiness, not death in the sense of killing it and getting rid of it. The death is of the importance of the ego in a selfish view, not of the ego itself.

Ego death leads to the recognition that everyone is the same and equally empty, and that all awareness is at the center of ego. So the ego doesn’t go away, you’re just seeing through it.

This also reveals that ultimate perfect love and ultimate perfect trust, in their highest forms, are not something to learn or practice or figure out. They are inherent in being. They’re already there, they’ve always been there. You’re not learning perfect love and perfect trust, you’re just recognizing their eternal presence. You’re not becoming empty, or turning the go into an empty thing, it always was that. So in the same way, perfect love and perfect trust aren’t these new concepts you’re learning. They’ve always been there, and you’re just recognizing it in experience.

This principle of ultimate perfect love and ultimate perfect trust being at the core of reality are what make 3rd degree spell casting effortless. Because everything is empty, there is no action to do. There is just being. You’re not casting a spell, there is just being, and a thing happening. And it’s that easy, because nothing is truly happening.

The effect of attention and recognition that we have explored in earlier degrees really still applies here with 3rd degree spellcasting. It’s not an ability you unlock or something you learn to do. It’s more like unlearning. You’ve been doing it this whole time, constantly. You’re unlearning the idea of actively doing it, because truthfully, there is no way to go and actively do something. That something is already happening. The empty duality of reality creates the illusion of there being something to be done. But the truth is, you’re already doing it. It is in the now, being done. You’re not going to do it, you’re already doing it. Always.

So every being is always 3rd degree spellcasting. It’s not that some don’t know how to do it. Everyone and everything is always doing it. It’s just that not every sentient being recognizes that fact.

You might now say well, recognition and non-recognition is a duality! Isn’t that empty? Yes, you are right, it is! That’s exactly the point. Recognition and non-recognition are meaningless to 3rd degree spellcasting because 3rd degree spellcasting is simply being. It happens whether you recognize it or not. How can you forget to be? How can you remember to be? You cannot.

Therefore no spell casting is needed. All you need to do is be. That’s it, done. Someone needs a job? Just be aware. Just be the person getting the job. Done. There is nothing to do. You and that need for a job are One and the same. Therefore you, and that person getting the job are One and the same. There is no need for a process of visualizing, and objectifying, and separating and putting the wish out there, because there is no wish, and no place for a wish to go. There is nothing to visualize. There is just the person getting the job. There is not need to visualize the person getting the job, because the person is already getting the job. It just is.


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