To gather experience over countless lifetimes.

We Realize who and what we really are, and come to behave like That.

Ignorance of That and associated bad habits result in mistakes and consequential suffering.

The accumulation of experience eventually brings us to realize that we are not separate from others, which forms habitual devotion to the ultimate welfare of all.

Hi. I rarely write about my personal life (the magical journeys I don’t take ownership for) but it’s been so long since I wrote, I thought I’d drop a note.

I’ve been on quite a personal journey since I last wrote. An inner journey of personal inventory and self-assessment, of self-criticism and self-recognition for my faults and talents.

I’ve been trying to learn to write fiction rather than the non-fiction you see on this site (which I’m quite discouraged from at the moment, though I do I have an idea and short story finished as the basis for an instructional novel).

I’ve been trying to define myself in terms of practice (I have so many traditions to choose from) and I’ve decided, in light of my son’s coming-of-age (spiritually and legally) to be non-traditional. So you won’t see any more from me on Wicca here, but you will see notes from a perspective that applies equally to all traditions, and to no traditional at all (street-language instead of occult technical terms, which, reading my work over, I realize has been my intent all along!).

Anyway, the next installment on the commentary to the Pentagram Ritual, “The Habit of Behaving Like Who We Really Are,” bridges that gap between the most intimate experience, as described and embodied in the Names of God, into the Living Reflection of yourSelf everywhere about you, in the Archangels, Winds, and Protectors. It’s about how it’s possible that everyone you see in a dream is an aspect of yourSelf. It’s about exactly how those four aspects of your own Consciousness, when examined closely, reveals itself to be all the life and beings you ever encounter, and exactly how you relate to them all. It’s been the most difficult aspect of “The Habit of Behaving Like Who We Really Are” that I’ve had to try to put into words, from my direct intimate experience of meditation, investigation and reflection. I hope to have it out in the next six months. The problem has been, and remains to be, that expressing such things in ordinary everyday language is a very personal, groundbreaking thing for anyone, because we all experience this so intimately, so automatically, that we all have different perspectives and words for it, as will be explained in the fact that Consciousness is reflected upon itself as the multitude of beings and things that make up the entire universe.

I also thought nobody was reading this. But I found since my last posting that even if one person, or even I myself am finding words for what’s so difficult to describe, writing is worth the effort. So, having found that, expect more, just not so frequently as before.



4 Responses to “I’m Still Alive”

  • Julia says:

    Looking forward to reading whatever you write, regardless of genre! Funny how Mercury retrograde often pushes one back to projects and can be an event that encourages review of progress.

  • Serge says:

    Certainly looking forward to read more from U.

  • Merlin says:

    Still have some readers from Montreal 😉

  • Graham says:

    Have enjoyed the series of articles so far. Great insights. I know it’s some time since the original posts but would welcome your thoughts on the remaining parts of the pentagram ritual.

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