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To gather experience over countless lifetimes.

We Realize who and what we really are, and come to behave like That.

Ignorance of That and associated bad habits result in mistakes and consequential suffering.

The accumulation of experience eventually brings us to realize that we are not separate from others, which forms habitual devotion to the ultimate welfare of all.

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” ‘The Dark Lord has forbidden me to speak of it,’ Narcissa continued, her eyes still closed. ‘He wishes none to know of the plan. It is… very secret. But —‘ ” In an animated voice, Suri’s mother, Aggie, read again from Harry Potter. The hot summer air hung like steamy wet towels in the […]

The street on the Innsmouth waterfront was dark, and the door unlit. There was no music or other sound from within. Arman Carter looked at the address number on the door, then down at the invitation, printed like a Campbell’s Tomato Soup can label. Glancing at his watch, he understood that he was in the […]

I spoke the words, waving a finger before her eyes, just as she’d instructed. “At the count of three you will fall into a trance. One… two… three.” Her head fell upon her chest. At the age of ten, I didn’t really know what to expect. She was a ten-year-old friend who had been hypnotized […]

Why didn’t I think of this before? I love this private space of my own. Even if it is a chilly basement corner, it’s away from my brother, my mean dad, mean kids, and my mean life. If I were older than ten, I’d run away from home entirely. Though my bed is only a […]

Hi. I rarely write about my personal life (the magical journeys I don’t take ownership for) but it’s been so long since I wrote, I thought I’d drop a note. I’ve been on quite a personal journey since I last wrote. An inner journey of personal inventory and self-assessment, of self-criticism and self-recognition for my […]

Many years ago, my Teacher realized that in school and college we are of course taught many things, but that many fundamentals of life are not taught at all. He recognized that one of the greatest causes of suffering is simply ignorance of what it means to be “in love” with someone, and noted the total lack of training offered to people on this subject. He said that life skills like what it means to be in love should be taught throughout one’s education. In response to this oversight in our education in life (about being in love), he wrote the following guidelines, in the hope of saving people the suffering that comes from ignorance in this subject.  What follows this paragraph was written by my Teacher, then organized, and formatted for you to read here.

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Part VI – The Names of God and the Four Directions

Part six of a multi-part post that illustrates the importance of, and use of ritual to realize, celebrate, and practice behaving like who we really are.  This part about Names of God.

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About the nature of spell-casting and prayer, their similarities and differences.

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Part V – Casting Pentagrams

Part five of a multi-part post. A description and commentary on the technique of casting pentagrams with life energy.

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Part IV – The Sacred Pentagram

Part four of a multi-part post. A description and commentary on the ritual and symbolic signinficance of the pentagram.

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I’ve added a new FAQ tab to the site.  It has are some questions and answers about my life and beleifs as a witch, about traditional witchcraft, and traditional Wicca.  I would be interested in answering more questions.  Leave a comment at the bottom of that page if you have a question.  Click here if you’d like to go to the new page now.

I thought I’d share an excerpt from a book I’m reading.  While the ideas should not be new to any thinking person of the 21st Century, it nicely describes  forces that influenced our civilization with lies and twisted truths.  [Click the title, above, to see the full article.]

Please don’t think I’ve abandoned this site.  This Tide of Sowing brought great changes, which are sure to be the seeds of even greater ones to come.  For one thing, I’ve moved to another country, and am still waiting for my belongings to catch up with me.   More cataclysmic for us, our teacher, and my […]

Part III – Standard Preliminaries

Part three of a multi-part post. A description and commentary on the first phase of the ritual being used as an example of how ritual can transform our state of mind, help us practice identifying with who and what we really are, and help us build the habit of behaving like that.

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[The following is an instruction from one of my teachers, not from me. I was asked by him to make this message available to as many people as possible. – Mer-Amun] In Mid December, 1994, a fully Realized being had a very powerful experience while feeling One with the Totality of Being. Out of this […]